Find European PIC paperwork applicable contract manufacturing plants for your pharmaceutical supply chain!

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PLANT: We reverse search medicine supply gaps using artificial intelligence technology.

For tender bidders, medicine insurance schemes, Governments, parallel importers, wholesale traders, and distributor portfolio growth

30 live European Gov medicine registration databases read by artificial intelligence.

The worlds FULLEST reverse medicine search tool!

The worlds only LIVE medicine licence data tool!

Unlike other "data providers": If a drug licence exists, PLANT returns 100% of the registration data with no missing gaps or "wishy washy" agency sales rep excuses!

Back in 2015 our company developed a methodology that unified drug descriptions making them universal and match-able across any medicine registration database. Using a team of data miners we would provide drug licence intelligence to the African healthcare sector. Helping importation companies reverse search their medicine supply chain gaps. We would locate contract manufacturing plants by digging deep into foreign patient information leaflet databases using common variable academia to always ensure we returned accurate pack data.

Contract manufacturing plants fuel the medicine industry, they do no marketing, they are a very invisible part of the supply chain. They are however, the hard work behind every Marketing Authorisation Holders registered local product [with all the CIPP documentation to match!]. They are Africas secret weopon for the supply of compassionate clearance ready, blank boxed, ex works price medicine deals. In 2019 we are developing artificial intelligence technology that automates our process through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Our command bots work off complex decision trees to reverse look up medicines across 30 separate Government databases in parallel, then mine data through shape recognition. Gone are the days of language as a barrier in international medicine sourcing for those large public sector deals!


Identify a missing supplier source on your Government TENDER bid proposal.


Make your medicine choice from our sophisticated 5-code database.


Our machine learning tool will connect to 30 live European Government medicine databases, pull back the relevant PILs, and extract pinpoint data using our OCR AI-technology.


Find a new contract manufacturing plant that is already part of a PIC distribution chain in seconds...

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In 2018, using 30 European registration databases, we mined 400,000 PIC medicine licences accross 3,000 of Africas most common tendered medical substances. We captured and licence associated 13,000 manufacturing facilities from the foreign language patient information leaflets...